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Our Teams of various Specialists

I share the contact information of My Team of the Professional Specialists on this site to promote their business as a one more` Thank you` for their support to my Buyers and Sellers.
I am looking forward to nice people and result provider professionals.
If you are a quality specialist and if you think you can proudly be helpful to my Clients and to generate yours for your business, please send me your e-mail, links, contact information.


                                                          Dear clients!

To finish your real estate transactions you will need to present your Lawyer`s full name, address, telephone & fax number to the Real Estate company that you have a contract with.
In a case you do not have a Lawyer/Notary, I would recommend you the Lawyers and Notaries that I am working with. Please call them to check the fees and extra necessary additional payments in advance because you will have to have to prepare your `closing deal` bank draft by a completion date.
- Inna , Inna Notary Public, #300-3665 Kingsway (and Boundary rd), Van., BC. Tel: 778-855-2127, Fax: 604-484-2175

- Olesea Zadoinova. Port Moody++.Tel: 604-719-8930/ Email: olesea@notary-bc.ca

- Galina Kovalev Notary Public; 102 - 609 Bent Court, New Westminster, Tel: 604-267-2288, Fax: 604-267-2266

- Wright Patricia, Patricia D. Notary Public, 600-1112 W. Pender Street, Vancouver, Tel. 604-682-8988, Fax: 604-682-8928

- Adel Tagirova Address 224 Newport Drive Port Moody, BC, V3H 5B9. Email: adele@adelenotary.com. Phone: 604-492-4414, ...
 - Spagnuolo & Company Real estate Lawyers (7 offices in different locations), 200-4170 Still Creek Dr, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6
Phone: (604) 527-4242

- Cassady@ Company - Law office , New Westminster: #330-522 Seventh Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 5T5 Phone: 604-628-6385

- Irina Bartnik Notary Public. Surrey, Cloverdale area. #105-6758, BC, V4N 6K2


- Crensten Notary - Surrey Central Mall: 604-589-8022

- Legal consultation / 30 minutes $25+tax  - 604-687-3221, 604-687-4680

                 HOME INSPECTORS:

Boris Ratushnyy: 778-227-0149 ( A1 Home Inspection )
Vladimir Seredkin - Structural Engineer consultations : 604-436-4364/ 604-809-1939
Alex Evseev - Engineer: 604-719-0201 (
Jessy Smith : 604-619-6655  // 604-537-6880 ( Medalion Inspector Ear Quality Expert )
Cliff  : 604-290-7296 // 604-522-6833   ( Can-Am   Home Inspection Services )
Quality Home Inspections LTD : 604-271-7177
Paul Chung, Mec Engineer : 604-961-9194 ( Unique Home Inspection )
Greg Osuch (Yello Sky Management - narrow subject consultations only ): 604-968-3483
Daniel Fedosenko, Certified energy adviser, Home inspector: 604-837-3603/877-837-3603 ( Home Inspector)

About the Home Inspection
This message from your Realtor Lara Bezglasna is important. Please, read carefully:

Dear Clients!  I strongly recommend you to have a property inspection.
 I if you choose the Inspector by your own.

There is an article that I found on that could lead you to Property Inspectors that could help you to make your decision regarding a hiring a home Inspector:

``... you should know that unless the building is Rain Screened you may be facing huge repair costs down the road. That holds true for Low and High Rise buildings.
    Buildings built after 2000 will be Rain Screened in British Columbia, retro Rain Screen rehabilitation after 2000 should be better than prior. Hire an inspector to review the building (building envelope training)``. 

It is if you do not use the inspectors recommended by your agent ( I must offer you 5 of them at least,  just in a case if you do not have anyone).
Go to Google to find an inspector in the buying home area or use the inspectors contacts that I provided here.
   Choose an inspector who will inspect the unit you buy and also the exterior of the building, parking, roof, mechanical rooms, common areas. The inspection should take 4-6hrs or longer. Go with the inspector for the entire inspection, listen and watch. you may pay twice the average inspection fee now but that is much better than getting, for example, $80,000.00 assessment later. Take your time searching for an inspector, check references, ask if he is insured, what is the coverage and for a sample report.
The Environmental inspection, ear inspection, inspection of the site, inspection on Weekends costs more. Make sure you worked on your convenient.
   Good Inspector does not need any strata minutes or building history: he sees everything in a progress by himself.  You are paying a professional fee, you should expect a professional service, professional agents will provide any and all info you request in a timely manner without an extra cost.  Don`t get caught buying a Leaky Condo or a molding house: rely on a professional.

Also, ask Lara for the Self Inspection Chart for knowing what areas will be inspected. you will not miss anything on the inspection and you will be prepared to ask the right questions.
                   IMPORTANT USEFUL LINKS:

  • 24 Team 3000 Realty offices:

  • Residential Tenancy office:

  • City Halls: schools, bylaws, permits information:

City Hall Vancouver:

City Hall Surrey:

City Hall Burnaby:

City Hall Coquitlam:

City Hall North Vancouver:

City Hall Richmond:

City Hall Port Coquitlam:

City Hall Port Moody:

City Hall Langley:

City Hall Maple Ridge:


My dear clients and lovely friends!

The stressful period of buying/selling is almost done.
Now it is a fun part : creative improvements!
What should be done to make your home `polished`, who will do it and
how much does it cost?

Here I have some contact info of Handy Mans for you.
It is not in an order yet.

Many of them are doing more services that I have specified and posted here. Just ask what you need. Some of them are my clients, some of them were doing services to my clients: good references. handy mans do not pick up the phone while working - please text them or contact me, I will reach them for you.

Builder (big construction company, high end, they do everything!) - Anatoli : 604-219-9281

Builders / renovation ( many services, just ask )
Anatoli Kopatchev (everything! - big construction company, high end): 604-219-9281
Sasha: 604-720-7304
Aleksandr: 604-785-8876
Aleksander: 604-603-129
Builder Engineer (property plan drafting)- Roman Portnoy ( big construction company ): 604-218-5736 / 604-207-9967

WHOLE BATHROOM (included tiles and much more++): Vladik - Edi 778-861-4210

KITCHEN ( + see General renovations):
  • Budget Kitchen Cabinets (quality making, restoration and when it is made - 1 day installation), Jarneil: 604-351-3804/ 604-591-5586
  • Sergei Kistrin: 604-780-3435

Drywall typing (calking finishing , stucco) - Vitaly Gernega: 604-379-2944
Ioan : 604-889-2264
Drywall (+ renovations) - Ruslan Koradi group: 778-384-2144

Painting, flooring - Vladimir Strochkov: 604-761-3502
Painting, tiles + more, even carpet - Jolt : 604-562-4474 / 604-771-4029

Flooring supply + labor + more - `Globe`company: 778-998-4470 - Oscar
604-440-2544 Galina
Hardwood Flooring ( + see General reno) - Maxim Osadchiy: 604-537-9043
+ carpet + renovations - Jolt : 604-562-4474 / 604-771-4029
Flooring - Ura Harbuz 778-960-2826/ 778-996-7650

Designer - renovation connections and estimation - Marianna Grobovenko: 604-313-5761/ 604-431-1496

General renovations:

Almost everything. Kitchen assembly, doors, washrooms, painting, tiles, more ++
Sergey Melnikov: 604-314-8521

Kitchens, carpentry, moldings, installations, cabinets + exterior++
Majeed Ali: 604-760-3997/ 604-590-3431

Kitchens – Victor: tiles, counter-tops, kitchen cabinets: 604-783-9170
Mike: 778-709-5185
Vlad Minzu: 604-715-4983
Guy: 604-431-1496
Hamid Habibi: 778-883-5702
Henryck: 778-316-7929
Felix (visitor from Toronto): 1-416-602-5631
Andrew : 604-5000-2999
Pasha: 604-561-3871

Jag fr Jarneil: 604-306-3316
Jenya: 604-616-3878
Sergei Choursin : 604-778-1343
Kim : 778-861-9827 (fr Irina)
Igor :778-388-5027
Dmitryi Kuznetsov: 778-999-8513
Slava: 604-813-7064/ 604-288-0807

Roofers - Jeffry: 604-561-3871
John Jaswal : 778-885-3343/ 604-960-1363

Furnace - Ivon: 604-761-1722 / 604-875-6164

Foundation and concrete testing + more - Tatyana : 604-290-3657

Metal welding - Michael : 604-616-8259

Cars - Gena Dubelt: 604-562-5344

Junk Removal, yard clean up, recycling, concrete.
Junk: 604-516-9237
Recycle: 604-587-5865

Exterior +_Landscaping (rocks, patio...) : Will 604-805-1582

Landscaping, tree stump removal, more
Kevin from Raj:
ABC Tree Man: 604-521-7594 / 604-817-8899

Bulldozer, `bob cut` excavator... - Denis Kursanov: 604-591-4239

Vladimir Belov: 604-431-0013 / cell 778-898-7400

Locks installations
Ura Harbuz 778-960-2826/ 778-996-7650
Majeed Ali: 604-760-3997

Doors making, doors , and installations:
Sergey Melnikov: 604-314-8521
Paul Reddy: 604-346-7916

Wood Finishing Services (include kitchen cabinets, vanity) - Victor Rusanov : 778-895-8234

Granite/ Marble/ Quartz  counter tops:
- ! UG Marble and Granit from (2-3 days) : 604-592-2838/ 778-869-6960
- Colorful : You Kun Wang: 778-837-8000
Counter tops installations and under-mount sink installations: Lao 778-829-5768

Tile installation- Constantin, could be flooring too:
Leo: 1-416-997-3949
Slava: 778-928-2557
Ion (drywall , painting too : 604-889-2264

Tile companies w/good prices and celections:
ACE – Kam/Sam: 604-270-4993, 604-537-7191, 778-706-7447
Four Seasons - Antony: 604-370-20002/ 604-761-1605

Heating, plumbing, pressure testing
- Evgeniy Volkotrubov: 778-240-7630 (also `see snake` camera for a drainage inspection)
- Evgenyi /fr Argentina/ Iachukov: 778-989-0941 + `see snake` camera

Evgeni, Nikolai: 604-720-4817
Konstantin (? Constantin ) Sergeev: 604-318-2347
Andrey Tarasov : 778-388-4020
Mike Zinkevych: 604-720-4817
Herman fr Jarneil: 604-561-0735

Inder-mount sink installations: Lao 778-829-5768

Appliances repair (fridge, washer ...):
Zack: 604-779-8060
Marek: 604-520-5042+ reno

- ($35-39 a panel) - 64th and 204th, Langley
Garden Sheds - #22498 Fraser Hwy, Langley: 604-539-7779 ( from $389)

Cleaning, organizing - Lucia: 778-713-4029

Legal consultation 30 minutes $25+tax - 604-687-3221, 604-687-4680 (for the good real estate Notary I have a separate list)

Bakery and music for a house warming :-) party: Grandfather`s Mill : 778-883-7417

Please call me to get references for our team of proven Specialists that were helpful to my clients

Please send me referral for a good Specialists to share with my clients to: diamondhome@hotmail.ca