Diamond Home from Lara - Property is a timeless investment !

              I deeply believe in a  real estate, and  real estate is my passion

              Hello and Welcome to my not formal Website.

I want you to get you a lot of important information regarding real estate in Vancouver and to feel confident that you are on a right path.
At this page I will introduce you
- myself
- our agency
- my business
- my philosophy

I am a REALTOR. I work with properties but I deal with people. This is why my website looks like a simple conversation with you.

Let us talk in a plane manner about real estate. I want to explain why I am so passionate about real estate and why you have to own a property. 

So all this website is about my services to you and about your home-ownership as a part of your financial security.

The process of buying and selling homes is
not as obvious as it may seem. No matter which side of the purchase you're on, you
need an experienced advocate to help you get the best deal and to prevent mistakes
and material losses, considering that a lot of money is involved.

Real estate is a big expensive investment. We never receive what we deserve - we get what we earn and negotiate and a professional approach is a part of your success.

Real estate is my passion, and I believe that it can help my clients to generate wealth over the long term. It would be my pleasure to support you in your pursuit of a perfect home,
of a wise investment or both.



  I am a Realtor with TEAM 3000 Realty in Grater Vancouver, Canada. 
I have been fortunate enough to help many people to find their perfect property, the most valuable purchase: HOME.  Helping clients to achieve their dreams and goals is my true calling, and I am happy to help you to acquire your ``diamond home``.

Welcome to Vancouver. Here is a u-tube link below. Have a look to our Beautiful Vancouver where I work and where I invite you:


Property ownership is multifaceted: it is a home, an investment, a pride of our credibility, and ultimately, it can offer your financial security.
   Financial security is one of a components of stable, secured happy life. I put financial security to the base of my real estate work Philosophy. The ownership of real estate supports it. Everywhere in the world during centuries wise people invest in real estate because is a timeless investment.

This `money house`is my logo (c), it symbolizes my view on property ownership. If you own property, your wealth is building over time; your property is generating money for you while you own it by paying off your mortgage and by market price increasing over a long term of the ownership.

My main goal is to ensure that every sale is safe and profitable for my clients over a long term.


People often think of their favorite area as the one where they currently reside. My family certainly believed so and owned houses in Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam and Surrey. 
I know every neighborhood in these Grater Vancouver parts I share this personal and professional experience with my clients.

Throughout the years as a professional Realtor, I have worked with clients all across Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Each client has a unique situation and I provide a unique approach to their purchase. For example, comparatively affordable yet, but great areas for the first time home-buyers include Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, White Rock, Burnaby, Langley, and Coquitlam. Some of the more experienced and braver buyers I have worked with have purchased homes in West and North Vancouver, in Whistler, Hope... :-)
This is why I welcome potential buyers looking for properties all across Grater Vancouver. In my role as a Realtor, I work where the buyer’s interests lie, as I know my Greater Vancouver very well.
Selling property is a unique art and it requires a professional individual approach to the each property listing.


  • Expert knowledge of the residential housing market
  • Skillful negotiating ability
  • Innovative marketing ideas
  • Extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding personal service


  •  To prevent you from the potential mistakes during selection or purchase
  •  To provide the exceptional real estate service
  •  To be responsible per each my step and word
  •  To save your money
  •  To make a profitable deal
  •  To protect, advocate your interests
  •  To continue to build my good reputation as a highly professional Realtor
  •  To create the happy result to you and to myself

* I am dedicated to my clients' needs and I won't stop working until you are completely satisfied. I work intensively and endlessly to represent my client’s interests and achieve the outcome they desire. I will be your guide, your and your supporter. Because I am highly devoted to your various needs and preferences - I will be working hard to protect your interests and to lead you during the sale process on all the stages from the beginning to the end.

* I am not a smooth talker, but I am very reliable. My communication style is straightforward, honest and professional. 

* When it comes to money and financial transactions, reliability, experience, knowledge, trustworthiness, and attention to detail are the key - and this is exactly what you will be getting while working with me. 

* I would be honored to represent you and to guide your transaction process to success in a pleasant, optimistic professional manner that will bring us to success.

 Please contact me today to set up your Selling or Buying Criteria:
778-988-5001 / diamondhome@hotmail.ca


   TEAM 3000 Realty
is our Real Estate Agency where I am assigned to

There are seven hundred of Realtors in Team 3000 Realty and our real estate team has everything to satisfy customers needs.  We offer Canadian experience, individual ethnic market approach, wide inventory exposure and the most important: our full responsibility for the results.

Our company `TEAM 3000 REALTY` is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

There are many locations of our Realty.
Welcome to any office in Vancouver, West/ North Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Mission, Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge...

We are professionals with human desire for happiness and a good relationship between agents and clients.

Do you want to see us? Click here or copy and paste this little u-tube clip:
`Team 3000. Grand opening. Vancouver`.

Here is the link below:

This u-tube video about the opening of a one of the new Team 3000 Realty offices  was made and presented to us by a popular Vancouver Musician, a Composer and our tankful customerLuda Gogolinski.

Office contacts:

Tel: 778-297-3000
Fax: 604-628-2282 / 604-677-5629

Our Burnaby office is located in a very convenient Tri-City area across the Lougheed sky-train station:
#305 - 9940 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby
Easy highway or skytrain access and free parking

The main office is in Vancouver East: #207 - 5740, Cambie St (Oakridge Center, the corner of 141st), Vancouver, BC
It is the central area of Grater Vancouver and it is convenient to get there. Free parking on the rear or a side street.

Team 3000 Realty is very fast growing, maybe the  most growing Realty in Grater Vancouver. We have offices in Richmond, White Rock, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Vancouver. Other areas are in our plans too.

Tel: 778-863-0838/ 778-988-5001
Fax: 604-496-1959/ 604-628-2282
Office hours:
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Saturday: 9AM - 12PM

Larisa`s hours for you:
10:00 AM - 11.59pm

Welcome to our office, welcome to our beautiful Vancouver - the great city to live in!

Our website: http://team3000realty.com/


(Home Improvements and Real  Estate Services)
is my personal LTD business
  Diamond home is a little more then just real estate. It is about home improvements and a convenient life at home establishment,  and it is about helping you to enjoy the whole  process of buying or selling real estate without your mistakes and unreasonable stress.

For that reason we have established a good relationship with a team of
great professional specialists
that support you in a different ways in your real estate journey. For your convenience we can suggest you a contact to arrange their consultation or services.

Go to the last page where you will find the contacts to the following specialists:

- Builder
- Mortgage specialist
- Lawyer, Notary
- Measure Master
- Insurance Broker
- Interior Designer
- Appraiser
- Drywall specialist
- Truck Driver
- Landscaper
- Accountant
- Carpenter
- General Handy Man
- Painting Specialist
- Professional Cleaner
- Mover
- Electrician
- Kitchen Closets Specialist
- Plumber
- Storage Services
- Junk Removal service
- Packing/organizing service
- Party Entertainer
- Curtain designer
- Keys installer
- Wood worker
- Babysitter
- others

I am looking forward to meet nice people and high professional specialists.

Please share with me a good one.
Please, send me your e-mail, links, contact information, if you are a quality specialist and if you think you can proudly to be helpful to my Clients.
I plan to display the contact information of My Team of Specialists on this site to promote their business as one more `Thank you` for their support to my Buyers and Sellers. No charge for posting. 

I work to make money, but there is a something more priceless than money.
I enjoy the moral part of my work: to see the customers happy smile after my helpful results .

It is my first business picture with  the eyes full of hope of the right choice of a profession `Realtor`. My choice was great and it never disappointed me.

If you need any help  - please call (or better text for a faster result) between 10:00 am and 11:59 pm.
Please, e-mail: diamondhome@hotmail.ca

My family days are Mondays and Fridays, but if needed, I do everything regarding your deal if it is urgent.

If it is necessary - welcome to contact me without any hesitation anytime.

Dear Guests of my website!
Here is a something important I want to share with you:

My Business Philosophy

Property ownership often stimulates wealth building, and historically, it has proven to be a timeless investment. It is known that for some people,
financial security can often serve as one of the fundamental elements of a happy life.

Please take a moment and read it:


 (by the way, my favorite is #7)

Money may be tight, but that doesn't mean you have to stop spending altogether. Rather, use these tips
to get the most joy for your cash.
 I love and I share with you this modified by me article of MP Dunleavey, Nov. 28, 2008

After the supercharged spending spree so many of us have been on these past few years, using your money to buy a happier, more satisfying way of life turns out to be the wisest move you could make.
Here's why: Countless studies have shown that most humans fail to realize what makes them happy. Typically, we spend on short-term glitz instead of long-term satisfaction. And that often leads to misery -- not to mention loads of debt.
Right now, we all need to make a giant U-turn. When money's tight, it's vital to spend in a way that yields the biggest payoff, emotionally as well as financially. Buying more stuff just won't do it.
What follows are seven ways you can use your wallet to turn around your life and your finances. (That's a big promise, but I wouldn't say it if I hadn't experienced it myself.)

1. Relationships
Friends, Romans, countrymen, kids and spousal units: Studies indicate we're happiest when we feel connected to others. People with strong relationships tend to be happier and and live longer on average, according to psychologist Martin Seligman and many other researchers.
How can you invest more in these bonds of family and friendship? Splurge on a plane ticket to see your best friend. Get your buddies together and buy season tickets to your favorite team -- or the opera. Treat a friend to dinner.
After all, what would really make your month -- another pair of shoes from Piperlime or spending time with someone you love?

2. Time
Would you trade some of the money you make to have more time? A survey by Fortune magazine indicated most people would. Time is one asset that always seems to be in short supply; a free hour or two (or an unexpected day off) can feel like a windfall.
To buy yourself some time:
* As part of a raise or promotion, ask for additional time off.
* Explore flex-time options. A surprising number of companies support flexible work programs.
* Consider paying others to do the chores you loathe because they eat up your time, from hiring a teen to do yard work to paying a pro to do your taxes, paint the kitchen or organize the garage.
For a little bit of money, you can regain a chunk of your life.

3. Health
Some good health can be chalked up to genetics, but a lot of the rest is . And buying good health is a lot like investing in the stock market: Steady investments at regular intervals are the best way to see big gains.
A few suggestions: Pay a bit more to join the gym that's closer to where you work, so you'll actually use it. Shell out for biweekly acupuncture visits. Buy the pricier healthful meal instead the Happy Meal. And take your vitamins.

4. Learning
Humans are born to grow. Research by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced "CHIK-sent-mee-high"), who created the concept of "flow" -- the state of wholly contented absorption in a task -- suggests we are often happiest when engaged in activities that challenge us and hold our focus.
You've been there: when you played in that garage when you went scuba diving on vacation, when you determinedly embarked on "War and Peace" and then couldn't put it down. Put your money there.
Buy the damn compact disc set so you can brush up on your Mandarin. Join the local archaeology club and do local digs. Try rock climbing. Or put away your air guitar and restart that garage band. You don't need to spend much to notice the in sheer joie de vivre.

5. Debt relief
Owing money downgrades your quality of life, creating so much stress that it may even make you sick or depressed, according to some studies.
Stop viewing your credit card bills as bad news; instead, treat them like updates on an asset class. By doubling or tripling your monthly payments, cutting back spending and doing everything in your power to bring your debts down to zero, you won't just be paying a bill -- you'll be increasing your own net worth.
Need a hand? Sympatico / MSN Finance is packed with get-out-of-debt brilliance.

6. Giveaways
A surprise benefit of giving to others, or to a cause you believe in, is how good it makes you feel.
Studies show that altruism not only tickles the feel-good centers in the brain, but it also creates a sense of social bonding and mutual support that enhances your personal well-being.
You don't have to give millions to get that payoff. The most important thing isn't whether you spend money or volunteer time or contribute goods, but that whatever you share -- and however you share it -- means a lot to you.
Read to kids after school; bring canned food to a shelter; contact Kiva and help a South African woman build her business, educate people, help to stop war Ukraine... There are countless ways to give. Just pick one that makes you happy.

7. Security!
In an economic crisis like this one, it's tempting to stop putting money aside for the long term, but taking the reins of your future will make you feel more in control now and will up that cushion you might need someday.
A first step is to sign up for your company retirement plan or open a retirement account. At some companies, such as Fidelity, you can open an account with very little money as long as you set up automatic contributions.
Retirement is a huge topic, you can read more here at Simpatico/MSN Finance. Making small, steady investments now can create double happiness: peace of mind now and greater wealth down the road.

Here's the real magic: When you start putting more money toward life and the real estate ( also - less toward stuff ), that shift quickly turns your financial picture from upside down to right side up. You spend less, but get more - and in feeling more satisfied, reduce your desire to spend.
This is why I strongly believe that REAL ESTATE is powerful ways for the establishing your security and well-being.
I am confident that property is a timeless investment.It was PROVEN BY TIME and by the experience of many people around the world through the ages.

 Otherwise, the net effect is: more money saved, less debt, a sense of financial control and well-being - oh, it gives you more happiness!  Now that is what I call ``getting your money's worth``.

This is why you have to own real estate - to have more security. 
This is why and how you can buy happiness!

Dear Clients! 
I wish you to be healthy, wealthy, also to make the priority in life and be happy!

 Your Realtor Lara Larisa Bezglasna

Here is a little present to you that creates good mood, which builds good health that is a part of happiness :-)

This is a clip about our beautiful Vancouver, made by my friend, the popular Vancouver Musician Luda Gogolinski.
Welcome to call me if you have any questions and enjoy the music `Autumn in Vancouver`:


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